Art of Andean Healing Weekend with Ruben Orellana(Shamanic Workshops: London)

Sounds, Colours and Aromas in the Andean Art of Healing - Shamanic Workshops: 9th to 10th & 16th to 17th March 2019

Introductory and intermediate Shamanic Workshops

Dr, Ruben Orellana and Michele Costa Lukis will share with you the art of Curandero (Shamanic) healing through very simple techniques, so that your body may encounter emotional bliss and achieve a balance between acidity and alkalinity, using sounds, colours, and aromas.
Sounds are our first link in our mother’s womb to the external world, with the heartbeat (drums), the movement of the placenta (maracas or rattles), the sound of breathing (whistles, bells) guiding us to a state of relaxation, thus contributing to an Alkaline PH.
Colours are part of nature, since the universe was created thanks to the photon, allowing us to distinguish between the different wavelengths (colours) that enable our Alkaline levels to be in balance.
Last, we have aromas, a very subtle vibration which enables us to achieve different states of consciousness. In this workshop we will explore the different techniques that Andean (Shamanic) healers, the Curanderos/Sanadores, employ to create a state of well being.

Outline of the weekend:

Day One:  We begin with a discussion of Andean civilisation (prehistoric, pre-Inca, and Inca) and its vision of the cosmos. We will look into the importance of sound as an instrument in healing, and will carry out practical exercises with drums, rattles, whistles, bells, and chants.


Day Two:  In the morning we will explore the practice of internal colours, using sound and meditation related to different organs of the body.  In addition, we will work with different scents in order to reach different states of consciousness that can contribute to self-healing.


March 9th – 10th 2019
March 16th – 17th 2019

Cost of an individual workshop is £185.00.

There are a limited amount of spaces for the workshops.  Please call 0208 691 6058 if interested or use the contact page on this site.

Andean hills

“Once our hearts are open, all existence appears naturally beautiful and harmonious. – Roberto Assagioli”