I have read and encountered an ever growing number of people suffering when returning from Ayahuasca ceremonies. I run retreats and I also offer aftercare for those that have come in from other people’s ceremonies. Screening is the beginning, being with those on the retreat and getting to know them before and during has to come into the relationship with those holding the group. The number within the retreat groups, in order to make money, has risen to dangerous sizes and with very few crew members to help the individuals during the ceremonies. Sadly people are coming back with horrific stories of rape, muggings, being vulnerable and taken advantage of. People are coming back from ceremonies or brewing Ayahuasca on their own suffering from fragmentation, depersonalization, dis-dismemberment (shamanic term), paranoia, panic attacks, among some of the issues I have been dealing with over the years. I am located in the UK and I receive emails on a weekly basis from the USA and Europe from those seeking help after their Ayahuasca experience. As I have said, the numbers have sadly grown along with Ayahuasca’s popularity. These people are in need of help and I ask that anyone who has training in counselling, psychotherapy and the plant medicines come forward to offer help. There are those within the shamanic community who have shut their doors on helping, others that take the money for ceremonies with out following up on their group members, others refuse to help ourside of their own business. Anyone who can help step please step forward and get involved. Say where you are located, join the tent at Burning Man and other festivals join various organizations where you are located. Those learning how to brew how about learning how to counsel as we need more in the field. Mother is a beautiful plant ally, however she is not for everyone nor has she caused this situation. Thank you, Michele Lukis