Drum Making Workshop

Make Your Own Shamanic Drum

May 26th, 27th & 28th – 10am – 5:30pm

Birthing Ceremony May 28th – 7pm – 10pm

We are very proud to announce this collaboration with Simon Chamberlain.




There are 5 places available each day.

You can book for either the 26th, 27th or 28th of May to build your drum.
Workshop runs from 10am – 5:30pm

On the evening of 28th May 7pm-10pm we will come together for the birthing ceremony of our new drums.


Includes workshop and ceremony, all materials, tea, coffee and biscuits.
Exlcudes lunch: there’s a great cafe just across the road in the park

Yes, you do get to take your drum and beater home with you and yes they will sound amazing. They will need about a week to dry and set before you can play them.



The hoops are handmade by Simon from Birch. The birch were wind falls on his farm, and are 60 to 80 years old. He mills the wood as well as forming, assembling and finishing it.

Simon pays attention to ceremony and merges when making the drum hoops (the skeletons of the drums).

Simon will match you to your personal hoop on the day of the birthing. He will match the energy of the hoop to you individually.

Simon doesn’t use any chemicals in the making of the drums other than wood glue, which is pretty neutral.

Simon pays attention to where the hides come from, only sourcing Deer Skins through reliable and ethcial suppliers.

For the stick beaters Simon will bring either Juniper or Hazel sourced from his land in Norway and wool from his compassionate friend who keeps some sheep.


I was given a chunk of wood at school and told to carve a pebble out of it. Three years it took, while my school mates were whacking out canoes and furniture. I figure I must have been absent on the day the teacher talked about passion. The only subject I excelled in was art. My art teacher, Mr. Love (seriously), was one of the most passionate people I have met. To me, passion was the most important ingredient in learning (and teaching). When it grabs you, you learn beyond your wildest dreams, you are no longer a three-year pebble maker.

I say this because it’s the main thing to remember about learning. I could say “I can show you how to make adrum” or “together we can go on a spiritual journey in which the outcome will be a drum, a power object, that has been born for you from your hands and from your spirit”. Which do you prefer?

I could tell you things about a colourful background and about some of it you may go “woo”, or “hmmm”, or “so what”. So, I will just say I have been making drums, rattles, flutes and similar stuff for around 4 years, about the same time that I moved to Norway to be with the beloved nature spirits who have taught me so much about passion.

Simon Chamberlain. www.rainbowvalley.net