I look at it this way, Our true nature is that we are all consciousness. We are fields of consciousness, we know this from Ayahuasca and other paths explored. Within all of us is a desire to connect with something that is greater than ourselves, call it source, universe the great I am, the divine, call it love, we have since the beginning of time sought this connection. The etymology of religion is the Latin word religar meaning to tie or bind. Within the “Western” cultures we have once again become disillusioned and are seeking some guidance, healing in a form of re-connection. We have seen this before after the assassination of J.F.K., Bobby, Martin Luther king and Vietnam. Some hit LSD, or the Ram Das trail and headed to India for answers to the pain caused by lack of consciousness. The longing and the experience of connecting to source was found for some n the East. Meditation in all forms came back to the West along with Gurus. Other’s turned to Terrence Mckenna or Carlos Castaneda and medicine plants, in particular peyote and mushrooms. And a few went further South leading the search for this experience of reconnecting and healing the hunger within to the Curandros and Ayahuasca. of the Amazon. The visionary anthropologists brought us back “shamanism” Now it is shamanism and shamans are sought after, plant medicines are consumed in hopes that we may be healed and bring us back to that which we are . Consciousness. Love. May we all work for this end, because once again it is getting rough out there. Blessings to all and may you have a peaceful New Year, Michele Lukis