Psilocybin Circle in Amsterdam

Feb 16th-18th 2018 / June 8th-10th / September 7th-9th / December 14th-16th

Due to ever increasing medical research showing the various benefits of Psilocybin for raising consciousness in addition to lasting effects on depression and anxiety we will be holding ceremony in Amsterdam. This is a safe and legal platform for those wanting to benefit from working with Europe’s mother plant medicine.

Psilocybin is found in many different fungal spores including mushrooms and truffles. We will be working with the magic truffle Psilocybe Tampelandia which are legal in Holland and have a powerful hallucinatory effect, bringing you in close contact with spirit.

Ancient spiritual plant:

Rock paintings from Spain dating back some 6,000 years point to the mushroom Psilocybe Hispanica being used in ancient spiritual rituals. Mayan and Aztec civilisations consumed Psilocybin as part of their spiritual practices. It is believed that the word teonan√°cat meaning ‘flesh of the gods’ in Mayan refers to the hallucinatory mushrooms they used to communicate with spirit.

Medical research:

As recently as 2016, Dr Harris of the Imperial College London held a research study investigating the positive effects of Psilocybin. Finding the effects to include increased states of connection, appreciation and understanding as well as lasting effects on depression and anxiety.

Psychotherapist and Shamanic practitioner Michele Lukis and Leandro D’Andrea will hold space for the group in our hand picked location just outside of Amsterdam in the atmospheric Dutch countryside.

We will hold a welcoming and cleansing ceremony prior to working with Psilocybin following the experience with a group circle to integrate and to process.

Come and experience this wonderful plant medicine that has such a lasting effect in positive outlook, appreciation and connection to life and all things living.

To confirm your place send an email to Michele – click here

Price is £450 pp includes food, shared accommodation, transport from Amsterdam Central Train station and all healing, Shamanic and group work.

Itinerary on request.