July 31st – August 19th 2019

New for 2018, we invite you to into the very heart of Andean Shamanism. Working with Internationally renowned Archaeologist, Curandero, and Maestro of the fabled Wachuma (San Pedro) plant medicine, Dr Ruben Orellana. We are honoured to offer one the most unique and authentic San Pedro experiences on the planet; welcome to the world of The Cactus.

The Andes, home to a history that has evolved over at least 25,000 years. That is, until the arrival of Europeans in the 16th Century.From then on and under the establishment of the Catholic Inquisition, many traditional practices were forced underground, or tragically lost to us forever.

Those shamanic practices that have survived are now few and far between, with much of what is considered authentic or whole; is in truth, a fragmented understanding of the diverse energies these ancient lands and its people hold.

True knowledge in Andean civilization, it’s history, culture, practices and ceremonies takes a lifetime of dedication and research. None know this better than your personal guide for this once in a lifetime workshop….

Dr Ruben Orellana is a Native Andean and Curandero. – Formerly the Chief Archaeologist of the UNESCO world heritage site – Machu Picchu, for over 20 years. We are honoured to offer the opportunity to learn from a leading authority on the same sacred sites you will visit, immersing you in the very heart of Andean Shamanism. Partaking in various ceremonies with curanderos of authentic lineages, as well as under Ruben Orellana himself, also known as a maestro of San Pedro in his own right.

This is a comprehensive workshop covering the cactus known indigenously as Wachuma, commonly as San Pedro, and scientifically as Echinopsis Pachanoi. Archaeological evidence points to this plant medicine being used for more than 5,000 years by different civilizations of the Andes, as well as the Chavin, Los Moches, Nazca, Los Wari and Incas.

Our one-of-a-kind workshop is designed to introduce you to ancient ceremonies that have survived the test of time. Showcasing the healing arts of the Andes, helping you to grow spiritually, and detoxify.

New for 2018, Shamanic Space is proud to present the Wachuma Intensive Workshop.

Please contact Michele for a full itinerary and information pack.