There have been many questions and myths about why women who are menstruating may not be allowed in Ayahuasca ceremony. The forums are full of replies and though they may come from a place of good will the miss-information is shocking and often I am left shaking my poor ol’ female head. What is a gal to do? So here it is sisters, the truth about why women are left out in the cold on Moondays.There are Ayahuasqueros who do not want a woman who is menstruating in ceremony claiming that it will disturb not only hers but other’s energy within the group. Not all traditions in the jungles of South America support this “rule”. It depends on the healer and what they, or their tradition is comfortable with. I have been in ceremonies with women who have been menstruating and the energy was beautiful, loving and everyone was in their own space with the medicine. It is up to whoever is holding the ceremony. I work with a male Curandro and Ayahuasquero and they do not hold this notion, I would not be working with them if they held such a belief. Women, seek an Ayahuasquero/a who is not from a tradition that holds this belief and ask before going to the retreat what their views are. And here may be the spot for Adriana Rich’s wonderful Poem. Safe journeys all.