About San Pedro:

San Pedro can take one into very deep shadow work and release if the Curendro is an expert brewer with a very strong relationship with the plant ally. As always it depends on who is holding the ceremony, their relationship with the plant ally, the space and the time of day among other things. The traditional night time ceremonies tend to allow for the deeper work to be done, this can be very challenging for some as one has to take on and work with their own shadow material. Some brewers now offer only day time ceremonies as this is actually easier for them and the group members as the day time ceremonies are very different and can be full of great beauty and love. I have been involved with San Pedro ceremonies where people have said it was a stronger or more healing experience for them than Ayahuasca. They are very different plant medicines, for instance the healing power of San Pedro is better for someone with breast cancer. They have different healing qualities. Since I am writing about San Pedro may I add that San Pedro is not called “Grandfather” as the term is becoming popular. The re-naming of San Pedro by calling him “Grandfather” is a gringo/ gringa thing as there are no words in the indigenous languages for Grandfather. This may seem like a small erosion to outsiders, however deeply up-setting to the Curenderos of Peru. All the best, Michele