Ayahuasca has often appeared as a serpent for me and others in the groups we lead. The serpent is the DNA, as in the modern medical sign, the snake may also be the kundalini energy rising. Within the biblical story when the snake, who receives a really bad reputation from this moment onward, hands over, in a snake fashion, an apple which with one bite Adam and Eve fall asleep. There isn’t any mention in the rest of the book that they woke up. Anyway, I can’t find. Their fall from grace, out of paradise is the fall from consciousness. And what does Mother Ayahuasca help us do, she leads us back to the garden of consciousness.

A few years ago my dear friend Buddhist Steve was traveling with us in the Amazon. Now my pal loves snakes, I mean he really has a special way with the serpent. While we were wandering in the jungle he was making his wish for a snake to appear known. Sadly for Steve no snakes on the jungle walk, lots of leaf carrying ants, sloths, one of my favorite of the slow movers, birds and rather large spiders, however no snakes. My friend was a wee bit disappointed, however being Steve not for long. That evening we entered the Maloka, the ceremonial hut, found our places in the circle and made ourselves ready to meet Ayahuasca. I turned and noticed a slight slither of moment above Steve’s mat and there was a beautiful emerald green tree boa waiting for the serpent lover. Steve was one happy man in ceremony with his little buddy high above his head in the rafters. My daughter however had a different take on Steve’s manifestation of a boa. She was watching that snake until the plant medicine took her to other visions and worlds as the boa moved along making way for the Cosmic Serpent.