A Ceremonial Shamanic CD for Relaxation and Meditation.

Shamanic Space is pleased to present Ruben Orellana’s Ikaros.


Ruben Orellana is a world renowned Peruvian Shaman and Maestro of San Pedro. He has been working with the sacred plant medicines of Ayahuasca and San Pedro for decades. In this rare recording Ruben shares the traditional songs or “ikaros” he uses in his ceremonies. There is a tradition that these beautifully haunting ikaros are given to the Shaman by Spirit and the sacred plants themselves to allow the healer to be shown visions, to journey deeply and to “walk between worlds”.

The rhythmic beat created by the shaman’s rattle is a way for the shamanic practitioner to enter a trance like state. This allows the practitioner to open up to Spirit while still being grounded in the healing work. The use of the rattle, ancient bells, whistle and voice are vital parts of the healer’s tradition. The bells themselves are over 1000 years old and were passed down from Ruben’s mentor and teacher. For those seeking to deepen their own Shamanic journeying this Shamanic CD is an exceptional tool to work with.

In this recording, as in ceremony, Ruben shares the soothing sounds to recreate the sensation of the mother’s womb; a place of deep relaxation, love, comfort and peace. Especially relevant are the traditional sounds of the rattle, whistles, bells and singing. These hypnotic ikaros allow the listener to enter a meditative state to awaken deep memory, to bring forth visions and to relax the mind thus shifting the pH of the body from acid to alkaline.

Our intention in making this recording is to preserve the traditions of the Peruvian culture, to share this knowledge with the western world and to aid those on their Shamanic path. Most of all, may these ikaros bring you health, peace and harmony.



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Reuben’s traditional Peruvian sounds and music created a trusting and magical atmosphere.